26 Sep 2016

Reading challenges - the Ultimate Guides of Life

It's been a while since I've done something else than review. And now that my finals are over I'm going to review and do more things here. From now on I'm going to read furiously and write more reviews and posts here!

My newest feature on my site is the ''Reading Challenge'' page. It contains three challenges: The BBC - list, The 50 Before You Die, and 100 and 1 Books of YA.

Those challenges are the most common and feel free to copy them to yourself!

As you can see, if you already checked the page out, I did horribly on the first two. The YA list isn't with the best score either... Shame on me.

Most of us, myself included, do not take reading challenge lists too seriously. They're more like guidebooks to what to read next or what we should be reading. The only challenge most of us take seriously is the Goodreads' Reading Challenge. I stress that one more than my finals... Again, shame on me.

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