29 Aug 2016

Review: Anew

Cliche of the cliches. Two over six feet tall strangers, who just happen to be dark haired twin brothers who just happen to be gorgeous looking. Oh, and the female lead just happen to be the love-interest of both the boys.


Not to only stomp over Anew I must confess that there were a few decent points to this book. I thought the plot to be fairly original and the main points and attractions well placed.

Buuut, everything else. Ugh. No, no über negative thoughts. 

Following the story of Scarlet, who wakes up in a forest alone with no recollection of her whereabouts or memories of how she got there. The story skips to two years later, when she's seventeen, into a local Kissing festival, where she notices a dark handsome stranger. The stranger introduces himself as Gabriel Archer. There's something familiar about Gabriel Scarlet can't figure out, but no memories surface. There's another one too, who looks exactly like Gabriel, but no one seems to know who he is. Scarlet feels a physical pull towards this another male, which she can't explain. Her relationship with Gabriel deepens, but with it comes also the feeling that Gabriel is keeping something from her. The truth is about to reveal and change her life, again...

In some books, cliches are good. In some, they kill the whole thing. Unfortunately, that's what happened with Anew. Originality reached so far as the main idea, but the end-result left me on the brink of absolute annoyment. I definitely recommend to read this, since I think this one is either absolute love or hate. Maybe for younger readers, under 16 or so. All in all, I don't say I hated this from the bottom of my heart, but I strongly disliked it, because of good writing which was concealed under over-flowing cliches.

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