30 Jul 2016

Review: Me Before You

"Hey, Clark,' he said. 'Tell me something good."

I turned the last page over two days ago. And before this moment my head has been empty of ideas to write. Now I'm ready to move on.

Many say, that you don't know what losing someone is like until you actually experience it. After reading Me Before You I think I can say that I know a fraction of the real pain. 

Following the story from the point of view of Louisa Clark, a young woman who is so far in her comfort zone that there's no sign of danger. Until she loses her job. Her comfort is shattered in seconds and she's left to scrape the pieces. Her saviour is not the knight in a shining armour but Will Traynor. A man whose interest in life escaped with his ability to move after a traffic accident. 
Lou is determined to get the old Will back, but it's not so easy. Will too is determined, unfortunately his determination is aimed to forgetting everything he used to be. Lou is not having any of it and the battle of wills has begun. 

This book is packed with a heavy load of emotions. And while you read it, you see the book as a movie, you can actually step into the story. With so life-like writing, it comes to life and all the decisions made feel like your own making. Sounds a bit frightening, but in a way it's amazing.
Those of you, who are looking for books with character development, this is the book for you.

And yes, the rumours are true. Looking for a book to cry over? The winner definitely is Me Before You

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