8 Jun 2016

Review: The Next Together

'' How many times can you lose the one you love? ''

Apparently quite a few times... Following Katherine and Matthew's story thorough history made me want to believe in eternal 'shout it from the rooftops' love.

Yes, I can say that I liked the book. The settings and background stories were great and in vivid detail. Which, I think, is awesome. It's what makes the story to feel more alive.  

If you like slow going books, this is totally for you. Not much happens and it gives you time to figure everything out in your own time. Nothing's rushed and the realisation can creep in to your head slowly and surely. 

Speed-readers should slow down whilst reading, the meaning of some things might slip unnoticed if rushed too much. And if you decide to pick up, don't you dare to skip any caption or note from this book. Every single word matters!

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