15 Jun 2016

Review: Becoming Phoebe

I did not know what I signed up with when I promised to J. Michael Neal to read and review Becoming Phoebe. (BTW I big thank you, if you're reading this!)

What I expected: Teenage drunkeness, bad decision, fooling around, and a bit of growing and learning. And hockey.

What I got: Bad decisions, a huge plate of growing and learning, and my own heart broken. And hockey.

Becoming Phoebe is not the book to be read in one night. It's like getting to know a new person. First introductions and small talk. After a while some personal information. When you are really best friends then the hard stuff, the heart-breaks and other life changing information. That's what reading this books was.

Also a lot of hockey. If you don't like hockey, don't worry. It's not that relevant for the reader to be a hockey-enthusiastic. Actually it's better if you are not. I, myself, didn't even like hockey. But through Phoebe, I learned that you don't have to like everything in order to continue doing things.

What's the value of friendship? What are friends for? What about your team members? Questions of the values of every single person in our lives could be presented indefinitely. To some of them, we can find answers. The rest of them, we can never answer or we don't have the courage to ask them.

Becoming Phoebe literally is becoming Phoebe. How do you become the person you are? Is it through the experiences that you come across or the hardships you have to endure. That's what you will find out. Becoming Phoebe isn't just a book. It's so much more.

''I don't have a clue. Life probably won't let you put the training wheels on now. I'm going to do the best I can to support you, though.''


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