7 Jun 2016

Review: An Abundance of Katherines


1. A prodigy learns, a genius invents new things. One can not be both.
2. Everything can be cured by a road trip.
3. Math can predict everything(, even love). 
4. The world is divided between dumpers and dumpees.

If seen as a whole picture, this book was really entertaining. I laughed, got annoyed and laughed again. It has faults too, but as a big picture, it's good.

What comes to the faults, is that I struggled with the characters and their development, or the lack of it. Yes, it's a short frame of time, that the book is based on, but still no changes in characters what's so ever. 

The thing with great books are that they leave you a bit empty inside. You just feel it in you. You feel exhausted and sad and happy, everything at once. In the end of An Abundance of Katherines I felt empty, but not the 'right' kind of empty. It was that, ''Okay it's over, so?'' - empty. That's why, I think, I only liked it, but not loved it. It had the potential though. 

I still highly recommend to read this! It's a light and super fast summer read.

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