7 Mar 2016

Review: The Story of Lucius Cane: Book One

I got this straight from the author Vanya Ferreira.


 I think I expected something entirely different than this. Something more towards The Twilight - series... Could not be further from them.

The Story of Lucius Cane is a part of Lucius Cane's story. Actually you don't get much out of him, but you get to know half of the basics. 
Then there's the wolf. And the epic battle. And the confusing ending. 

All in all, this was a very entertaining short story. And because it was a short story it was quick to read. 

Lucius Cane is a vampire, who has his own ways. He's targeted by some mysterious (let's call him) guy. The guy has ordered the wolf to kill him. And when they confront each other in the epic battle, the story ends. With a mysterious voice...

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