7 Mar 2016

Review: The Samhain Island

Okay, so I have been postponing reviewing a few books since my laptop doesn't cooperate with me.


As I mentioned in  my review on Goodreads, I got this book straight from Miss Taylor Thomas on New Year's Eve. Talk about a surprise!

The book is about girl named Tremaine Boppel, who has to move to the mysterious Samhain Island, because her father decides to move their video store there. To Tremaine it's the worst thing that can happen, and talking about the worst things that can happen, who or what lives in the tower?
Determined to find out, she starts to unravel the secrets of the mysterious tenant with the help of her new friend and her brothers. 
But everything is not always as they seem and Tremaine ends up doing the opposite she of what she actually meant to do. 

The start was very strong and promising. I wasn't expecting anything specific, when I started this book, so when it got to the point rapidly changing point of view's I was confused. Not that the changings weren't smooth, I think they were a bit too smooth. Sometimes it took a few sentences or paragraphs, to notice the change. 

I liked the fact that this was very different compared to all the other books I've read before. I couldn't predict what would happen next and that's a thing many people who've read many books like. Because no one wants to always read a book that you can thoroughly predict.

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