27 Mar 2016

Review: Off to See the Wizard

Thank you to the author Clay Johnson for providing me a copy of Off to See the Wizard!

Good news or bad news first? Let's do mixed and straight to business.

When you have many characters it's hard to keep track of all of them. Especially if they are entirely different species and their goals are a bit different. This worked out well. No two character was exactly same.

Disappointing was that you don't get to know the characters better than an immediate expression and few pet peeves here and there. There's not enough time to form any "relationships" with them (which might work for someone).

Where the book was set? In a universe/world with 16 realms that are not introduced any further than that. Which is disappointing. I love to know about the world surrounding the characters. It helps the imagination to fly higher and it's so much easier to work your way through the book when you have even a bit of a clue where you are.

Unfortunately to me it felt like the book's plot had ran away. It's true that there was a straight line from the beginning to the end, but in most parts it made no sense. With a few less stops during the quest and jumps between the characters might have helped.

I am a huge fan of chapters (or other such breaks). I adore them, they give breathers. They allow you to put the book down and you can effortlessly pick it up again. I don't say that that chapters would've made this better, actually it might be impossible to set this story to chapters. I just thought go warn others.

Reading this book really was a quest. I'm happy I signed up to it!

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