16 Feb 2016

Review: Multiversum


What if the life we are living is just one possible outcome? What if there are parallel dimensions that exist in the same space-time continuum, but their reality is entirely different from ours?

 At first I couldn't imagine anything cooler than that! Travelling through the possibilities of my own life and saving the world as a side-dish. Sounds awesome right? 
Yes. The idea for the book and how the plot moved forward was pure brilliancy. Following Alex and Jenny's journey through collapsing worlds and facing their pasts with them was great.

With all the praise, as you can see from the star rating, there comes a time when I need to say it: But.

The book was too figurative. (Okay, it was written by an Italian, so it didn't come as an surprise.) There were times when the plot moved nicely forward and then stopped because some flower pots or curtains' print was described. Or then some absurd notions of how something seemed colourful, meaningful and beautiful but at the same time something entirely else. Like when you want to say something, just say it. Don't circle around all the time, and especially if you circle, don't circle so far away. 

The other but is the point of view from which the book was written from. 
Here's what I expected and would've been okay to me:
Two protagonists = two point of views. Maybe is there was something really important to tell from a supporting character's point of view, that could've been added under a separate headline. 
What actually happened:
Two protagonists, both their parents, some friend, crazy old man and viewers from other side of the street, and of course, the invisible third-party teller. Sometimes I didn't even know from whose point of view I was looking at the situation. And most importantly, I got confused about what everyone knew of which subject. Since there were jumping between POV's during one paragraph, it made it sometimes really frustrating to read.

So summarised: It was an awesome book, but how it was displayed on the paper destroyed it. 

That's why in the end:

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