7 Feb 2016

Review: Lies I Told

''They said someday you'll find
All who love are blind.''


Being adopted to the family of thieves is not easy. Sixteen-year-old Grace has been part of many cons to steal money, jewellery and art from wealthy people, but the next gig at Playa Hermosa is going to be the hardest ever.
There are rules to be followed. Don't talk about the job outside the war room and don't draw attention to yourself. And falling for your mark is not a good thing either.
The rules get broken little by little by Grace and her adopted brother Parker the job starts, little by little, falling in to pit. In the end what is the most important thing to hold on when everything surrounding you is a lie?

Wow. Picking this up just because I wanted to buy a book I haven't heard of before. Wasn't disappointed at all. In fact, I already ordered the sequel. 

For once stepping in to the villain's shoes was really fun experience. Getting to see what was going on in Grace's head and what she felt when she had to lie about everything. How everyone in the family had to abandon everything they once might have been to become chameleon. Ready to change who they were altogether when they started a new job or ended the last one. Never having a real family life or a last name that stuck over six months. 

I really liked the characters of Lies I Told. They seemed to vary from side to side. There was the silent one and the nosy and the attention needy. 

Also what went on in Grace's head was disturbingly amazing. Or, in other words, how the pain felt so real. The pain caused by betrayal and betraying. The pain caused by loving someone and having to leave them. Or just the pain to have someone looking after you and getting too emotional because of it. Yep, that can happen too.

Lies I Told is really quick to read. And it might feel a bit slow at the beginning but in the end it's better that it did. If it hadn't been the ending could've felt too fast.

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