24 Jan 2016

Review: The Here and Now


 Wow. I don't know where to start. Should I start with the good or the bad?

I'll start with what I did not like in The Here and Now.

1. No plot.
this book would've been a hundred pages long if there wouldn't be anything to fill the blank places. Yeah, no I know the names of some card games and how awkward the talk of sex that openly would actually be in real life.

2. What characters?
There definitely were characters, but I did not connect with them at all. Which makes me kind of sad, since without great characters the book can't be a great one. I can't even describe how they look like. All I know that the main couple had an insta-love and that's it. No real love nor the actual emotion could be felt.

3. Future or past?
I have to say that for the first hundred or so pages I couldn't say that was Prenna from the future or the past. Not before she said/thought it straightly; ''I'm from the future.'' It might be just because I was careless while reading and missed it earlier.

4. The ending.
Crap. I don't even want to talk about the ending. It was so subdued. No emotions just dumping all the characters and saying the end. Ugh.

What actually liked?

I likes that Ann Brashares had created a futuristic world where  everything was in a puddle of mud. And then the time travelers tried to fix it by changing the past. That made me think that the present day is also important, not just the future we work so hard towards.

What I'm confused of:

The date 17th of May 2014. It was traveled through the story nicely and everything was build around it. Still, I think that there was no real use of it. I could've been left out.

Now I'm starting to think that maybe I should've given this book only one star, but I liked the beginning, so I'm gonna stick to the two stars.

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