6 Jan 2016

Review: Eleanor & Park

'''Because...' he said quietly, looking at his desk, 'because people want to remember what it's like to be young? And in love?'''


Eleanor & Park gave me shivers from the very first page. The first page defines the mood to the book, and making me almost cry on the first page... Well, the only thing that was on my mind, was why? Why would the story lead up to that situation in the end? Could it still end differently or was it doomed to have a heart-breaking ending?

Eleanor is the new kid. She moved back to her mom and Step dad's place after her step dad had banished her a year earlier. Her step dad, Richie, is a total ass. The whole family is afraid of him and they have no freedom or money to do anything in their lives. Eleanor wears too old, too big and too noticeable clothes.
 Eleanor wants to be herself, not anyone else. Not even to share a resemblance with another person. And when she looks like someone else she gets really antsy and wants to run from the situation. I think that her anxiety and need to be her own person is because she hasn't ever been able to do anything to help herself, and not being able to make decisions of what you do in your life is horrible.
Another thing that at first look you couldn't believe of Eleanor. She is shy. Like, really, really shy. Although her clothes beg her to be noticed, inside she just wants to disappear. Many people who read Eleanor & Park might disagree with me, but to me Eleanor is shy.

Park is the kid whose mom is from Korea. He has a little brother and seemingly perfect, happy family life. Or at least to Eleanor his family is perfect. Park wears only black, reads comics, listens and mixes tapes. He tries to learn how to drive a stick-shift.
Park is not the popular guy, nor is he the hated guy. He's just the guy in between. Wanting to go unnoticed, living his own life. He has succeeded until some girl with red hair and freckles got in the school bus. Park tries to ignore Eleanor, but it's hard. Her looks just beg him to notice.
Park. How to describe Park? He tries to be nice to everyone, but he has a bad temper when somebody insults someone close to him.

Their journey together starts from the school bus, sharing comics and not talking at all. It ends also. The journey in between is full of growing, exploring and pain. They grew from the pain they found while they explored their pasts, presents and futures.

This book was not a happy book. So if you're looking for something light to read, then don't. This book contains so many emotions that sometimes I had to put it down and continue the next day. It's rough to read it, but in the end, you are glad you did.

Thank you again, Rainbow Rowell, for such an amazing book.

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