3 Dec 2015

Review: The Carnelian Legacy

My first thoughts were ''Oh, I already know what's going to happen.'' But in the end I was wrong. Not awfully wrong, but wrong nonetheless.


Our protagonist is Marisa MacCallum. She lives with her uncle and brother. The book starts after Marisa's father has died.

It happens when Marisa is riding with her horse Siena in the woods that are rumoured to be cursed. People go missing there and they are never seen again. And that's what happens to Marisa. She sees three lightning strikes with no thunder and sucked into another dimension.

In this part I was super excited, because time and dimension travel stories are the best!

Marisa wakes up in a world called Carnelian with two strangers by her side: Lord Arrigo Macario and Ambassador Darian Fiore. Arrie and Darian take Marisa with them on their journey. Since the world is not the same as Earth is, Marisa is most of them a damsel in distress.

But Darian is not who he claims to be. He is not an ambassador, but a prince on the line to the throne. Though there's one teenie tiny 'if'. If he doesn't marry a Fiore princess, he can't ascend the throne and his evil cousin Savigno gets it. And with only one Fiore princess left, Savigno's sister Matilda, Darian's options are quite limited.

But Darian notices something that no one else notices and together with Lord Arrigo they plot and mischievous plan. A plan that the reader doesn't know they were plotting before the end of the book.

There are glimpses, that can't be explained, in the book. Glimpses of things that shouldn't be there and don't make sense before the end. And I think that this book should be read until the last letter to understand its magnificence.

The experience of reading The Carnelian Legacy can only be described as re watching a movie and knowing what happens, and still being surprised.

And I must add my favourite quote here!
''Deciding that he seemed more like a Tarzan than a prince.''

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