16 Dec 2015

Bookish person's (Christmas) presents and where to get them

We all have the Christmas present problem. What to buy for a friend, mom, sister, mister, cousin or cat. We don't simply know! But if that person is a book lover or a bookish person here are some recommendations to make your Christmas shopping a bit easier.

1. A book
Really? Yep. A book. If a person happens to like books then you should buy him or her a book. The only problem is that if you buy a book he or she already owns or doesn't like or someone else is going to buy the same book for him or her.

Another way is to reveal that you're buying a book and you need to ask. So if you're not 100% sure of the book and you don't want to reveal your intentions, maybe the book is not the option for you.

If you are a DIY person, this totally is your thing. Bookmarks can be bought nearly anywhere where paper is sold and most people don't even use an ''official'' bookmark, just a slip of paper or something to mark their place.
Making your own bookmark and doing another for your buddy is a great idea for a Christmas present or an extra for your main gift. Just Google 'bookmark' and you get so many awesome ideas for your own personal bookmark. (Or if you're lazy, you can also just print them.)

3. A Candle
Dark and cold nights in the middle of winter beg for light. Book people love candles since they are one of the most dangerous things in the world. One wrong move and poof, all your books have been turned into ashes.
But scented candles are The Thing. With scents like fairy dust, old books or Mr. Darcy's office you can set the perfect mood for reading. And the options are limitless.
Many small companies produce bookish candles and they get so busy during holiday season so if you want to ensure your shipping is going to be delivered before Christmas is over. So, order in November to be sure, to be absolutely sure, order during September of October!

4. Mugs
Tea (or other) + books = Pure perfection.
Mugs can be found anywhere. Bookstores, grocery stores, granny's jam-cellar... Everywhere.
''I didn't choose mug life, mug life chose me.'' -is probably the most commonly heard expression among the mug hoarders. Most bookworm's cabinets are full of mugs, every size and colour, so by adding a mug with a bookish print is going to make the bookworm's Christmas so much better.

5. Other merchandise: clothing, bags, phone and laptop cases etc.
Anything you need in basic, everyday life can be found in some bookish form. Pillows, check, beds, check, rugs, check, clothing, check. Everything, check.
Just buy anything bookish to the book-lover and you have succeeded in the task of Christmas present buying.

Where can we find these things?

Online is probably the best choice.
Many online stores have so much more to offer than a physical store, since they're all in boxes in huge warehouses. And usually they're a bit cheaper. Just remember to order them early enough, so they have time to ship your order and it gets delivered before the Christmas Eve.

Here are few suggestions if you don't know where to start searching from:


Then our best friend: Google.

And if you're really late, DIY is your best friend along Google!

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