9 Nov 2015

Review: Queen of the Deep


Got to say I don't remember when was the last time I've given just one star to a book.

If I start from the beginning I got every good thing covered very fast.
The only thing I liked was the beginning. I really liked the picture Kay Kenyon had written of Jane's childhood. Her childhood was not picture perfect but still she found comfort from her plays in the basement. She felt safe with Starling and trusted him.

Then I'd say everything went south.

Many things sounded too childish to come from twenty some year old's mouth. Also I didn't have almost any backgrounf information about anything besides Jane's childhood at the beginning of the book and some scraps here and there. Really annoying.

Also to me it seemed that when this book was written it had not been entirely planned or something because sometimes it felt just too impossible to fit in the story line. For example at some parts something happens and it results a dead end. How do we get out of this dead end? Well, let's do something more impossible which leads up to snother dead end. And there we go again.

Most of the characters were shallow and were not entirely full charcters. Some parts of every character was missing. I would love to read the book again if the characters were changed to be better suitable for the story.

I could summarize the whole book in one sentence: A book with adult themes and content written in alanguage suitable for little kids.
Honestly sometimes I couldn't say if the book was for little kids or to adults.

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