28 Nov 2015

Review: I Was Here

It's been two weeks since I finished I Was Here. I know, shame on me.


Four stars out of five. It was really good but its tempo was a bit too slow.

We follow Cody, Meg's best friend and other half through the book. The book starts after Meg has killed herself and Cody tries to find who she is without Meg.

To Cody, Meg has always been the daring, cheerful and perfect friend, but the reality is another one. So much different that Cody needs to take an emotional road to get through the grief that Meg's death has caused. The truth reveals itself after few wrong turns and a pair of kittens.

If you wait for a huge, mind blowing, soul destroying plot-twist, there ain't one coming. The story keeps on steady pace from the beginning to the end. Only the packed emotion behind every sentence keeps the reader so hooked that it's a one-night-read.

What bothered me though, was the ending. Having read If I Stay and Where She Went I was expecting some emotional wrecking and ocean full of crying, but it didn't happen. And I am the easiest crier in the world. When something is pretty or happy or someone dies or anything even slightly sad, I'll cry. Just imagine me reading The Fault in Our Stars...

Back to business. In my opinion the plot might have been a bit more quick going than it was, but after reading it the steady pace felt right. Since the book is so full of packed emotions and rough subjects it was really nice the digest the things read, while still reading.

Recommending it!

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