14 Oct 2015

Review: Wendy Darling

First of all, just look at the cover! It's just so beautiful.

I had been hearing about Wendy Darling for so long and it was always popping up everywhere I went. And the summary of it is so good that I immediately decided to read it. At that time the only problem was that it hadn't been published yet. So I decided to wait until one day it was up for a request on NetGalley. And I got it!

Just amazing.

What struck me first was the description of the surroundings. I loved them. I loved the admiration and wonder that Wendy experienced. I loved how Colleen Oakes has been able to write the book so well that the reader actually becomes Wendy. I forgot where I lived and who my mother was and everything at the same time Wendy did. At some part Wendy tries to remember how long had she been on Pan Island and she couldn't. She had no idea had it been days or weeks. That's where I woke up. I had no idea how long time had gone. The Neverland just enchants you, so you forget everything while you're there.

But everything that is beautiful on the outside, has something dark on the inside. So Neverland's dangers lied in the form of Mermaids and people. What could be more dangerous than the charming hero, a boy that you adored and kept as a perfect leader? Peter Pan is so complicated character all the while he is just a simple teen age boy. The thing that shines right through Peter is the fact that he has practically grown up without parents, so he has the urge to control other people. He thinks that he can own something and then just throw it away. Like Tink, the last fairy of Neverland, according to her, Peter loved her before Wendy came and now Peter just throws Tink away just because he got a new shinier toy. Also his willingness to kill the Pirates, just because they kill everybody who steals from them. Peter Pan is so twisted that he has to black-mail people into loving and liking him by telling them lies and stories. 

When I think of Wendy, my mind brings up a single description of her: British. Okay, she is from London, but her manners, way of speaking and everything is just so stereotypical British. And I loved it! Wendy is very strong spirited lady, who believes strongly in everything she does. She obeys and is very proper on behaving, even on the Pan Island, she won't go out without her hair tied up with a ribbon. It's just so amazing how she is described and how she, in a way, doesn't change her beliefs while in Neverland. She is lead astray by Neverlands wonders and Peter, but she discovers the truth and fights, so she can reunite her family once again.

I can't tell how much I loved Wendy Darling. Sometimes it made my smile and laugh. Sometimes I had to stop and breathe, because it got too emotionally powerful to read. Like the scene this one is from.  
'' He kissed her forehead.
            ''Life is for the living, Wendy. And I plan on living a very, very long time.''''
.(Typos corrected  17.10.2015)

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