27 Oct 2015

Review: Lumière

I recieved this title through NetGalley some time ago and decided to read it now.


At first I was confused about evertyhing in the book. I wasn't sure was it based on our world, was in the future or in the past or what. That feelin did vanish when I fully got into the plot.

We follow a girl named Eyelet. She is a student at an academy where usually only men are allowed but occasionally some women. Her father passed away years ago, and he broke his promise to save Eyelet with his machine. His machine was called Illuminator, because it was illuminated things within. It was an X-ray machine, though at that time, it was freakingly dangerous to picture yourself with it.

In the world where two things that are punishable are wickedry and simply going mad. So when her mother is accused of being a shape-shifter a Valkyrie, Eyelet is forced to flee from her city. Then she meets Urlick. A man who tries to steal her father's machine just when she had located it. She jumps into his carriage and wakes up in the middle of the woods, when they arrive to Urlick's house.

Urlick has his own secrets, his past is dark and all he wants from the Illuminator is to heal the ugly, purple birthmarks on his face and neck. Though he doesn't tell it to Eylet. And Eyelet doesn't tell Urlick that she wants to stop her seizures with it. Both of them unaware of the consequenses of using the Illuminator. And why Professor Smrt wants the machine.

''How much do you trust me?'' is the book summarized in six words. Full of crazy stunts that don't leave you cold, the book redefines the word trust, and maybe uses it too easily.

The charcaters were suitable for the book, but not particulary strong or otherwise extremely noticeable. I liked them alright, but someting about them was still a bit too muted. I loved the world though and the Vapours and how they affect all those who expose to it.

Positive: Plot, the inventous nature of the book
Negative: Characters could've been a bit stronger

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