1 Oct 2015

Review: Hour of Mischief

Want to read a book about how to be badass and make snarky side comments while being funny and really caring?
Go read Aimee Hyndman's Hour of Mischief.

I've got to say, that this book made me wow. I had no expectations about it when I requested and recieved it via Netgalley, but when I started it, wow.


From the beginning the main character Janet was amazing. There's just no other word for it. Janet is a seventeen year old girl with one prosthetic metal arm, flame red hair and an army of witty comments to throw at you, so she's perfect. Janet can be caring and concerned she can grieve, but she doesn't wallow in her grief. She is an awesome team leader who never abandons her team and also does everyhting to get them out of trouble, even a pact with a god.

Itazura, the god of Mischief, is much like Janet. He has a load full of irritating comments and enough  sarcasm to share. Because he is the god of mischief, he has to act like it, but sometimes he let's his true self leak true, and those moments are just amazing to read. Together wiht Janet they make an amazing duet during the book, and no, I am not talking about love or relationships other than if-you-don't-move-I'll-punch-you - relationship. And that happened quite a lot.

The story is based in a world where twelve Clockwork gods rule, so one for each hour. They have four hands in the clock instead of three and every god has their qualities. For example, Itazura is the master of mischief and thievery, Laetatia is the god of festivities, so a great tolerance for alcohol and parties and you get the drill. Then there are the beasts of Abyss, a pack of monsters trying to kill Janet.

For me it took few chapter to get in to the story, but after that I read it as fast as I could. And when ever I'll see this one in a book store, I'll definetly go and buy it! And the cover. That is just beautiful!

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