11 Oct 2015

Review: Ashes to Ashes

First it makes you think what is going on. At the beginning it doesn't reveal much, it might feel slow and a bit frustrating.

Then you're captivated, you actually know nothing about the characters and happenings but still you want to read faster and faster.

In the end, your heart stops. You didn't expect it. It came out of the blue. You might cry, or as I did, just stare the page for a long, long time.

Then you inhale the rest of the book and stare at the wall.

Ashes to Ashes truly is slow in the beginning, but the more you read, the more you love it. The story itself is quite mysterious and at some parts frustrating, but it pays back in the end. It definetly is a 'read in one sitting' book. It took me longer because of my ever nearing deadlines of everything else, but I am greatful that I read 90% of it in one sitting.

The author doesn't reveal much of the characters, so there is the feeling of secrets all the time. The characters and the world seem to have their own ones that they can't reveal. That, I think, was the part I really loved about the book. The feeling that you need to know more, that you can't stop if you don't.

I can't talk about the book more, because it reveals so much if I do. Just go and read it, it really is very quick, only about 3-4 hours, depending your speed.

All in all, I gave it ★★★★☆.

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