20 Sep 2015

Review: Poison

You know that hysterical laugh that escapes you after finishing an amazing book? I have to plead guilty with this book.

I found Poison by Lan Chan by accident whilst browsing Netgalley.com, I decided to request it and the next morning I had an e-mail waiting for me saying that I had gotten it. So started it that morning, read it at any given moment I could and finished it just few hours ago. I have read many books, but the thing with this one is that it has some magnetising powers or something. I was immobilised every time I read, and had to tear my self away every time I had to do something else. And that alone speaks for the greatness of the book!

I started reading Poison without any knowledge of the book or its author, beyond the short description given at netgalley, and I have to say, it is the best way ever to start a book.

The story is based in Australia, in the time where there is no seeds left for the farmers. All the seeds are controlled by the government called the Seeders. The Seeders have modified the seeds given for the farmers so that the plants can't reproduce, also every single seed is boosted up to produce more and better food than it would've originally. Sounds nice, right. Well here's the fun part: If you're not nice to the Seeders you get less seeds than others, who are already given too little. So basically everybody is hungry.
The land has been separated to Landings, which are named after the leader of the landing. For example, our main-character lives in landing called Gideon's Landing, after their leader Gideon, who later we find out is the enemy of the nation.
The Seeders try to find a seed bank, which is hidden by the rebels, who call themselves Wanderers. Also the Seeders hunt and kill the Wanderers, but still the rebels have accomplished to stay alive and continue their work.
The Seeders have also modified every living thing in Australia, starting from a cross-breed between a wolf and something like sabre-toothed tiger to the nature, which they poisoned so no one can use it for anything.

In Citadel, there is an Earth and Sky circus. The circus has many performers, but Poison focuses on the Wind Dancers, who are aerialists. They are made to train and perform in the circus against their wills, but there is one who defies them. Our main-character, but I won't tell you how!

I liked the characters a lot! In some books you have great characters, but then they might not match with the plot. But with this one... Whoa.
Starting from our main character, Aurora (Rory) Gray, the Wind Dancer. She had a fair amount of stubbornness and some spirit in her, so following her through the book never got boring. She has a way to see some things, and when she has to do something that will affect many people, she does it, even if the decision is painful. She is a very strong, but not afraid to show her feelings. But what I liked the most, was the description given every time she was doing any acrobatics. It made me feel that I, too, was flying.
Then Aiden. I don't know what to think of Aiden. I know that he was amazingly written and he is perfect for the book's plot, but still all the way during the book my thoughts went somehow like this: ''Bad Aiden, don't do that! Awws, Aiden that is so sweet. Bad Aiden, stop that nonsense immediately! Aiden, you are the perfect man alive! Aiden, just stop, you're the worse man in this universe!'' You can make your own conclusions of that.... or you can just read the book! :p
Also there were some minor characters, like the people on the journey to Citadel, but I can't mention any character who was written even a bit lazily. None. Every single character was so well written that almost mistook them for real life people!

And I really loved the book. It has deserved every star I gave to it! (I hope I could have given more)

Positive: The whole book! (And just look at the cover, I love it!)

Everybody go buy yourselves a copy, and just read it!

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