14 Sep 2015

Review: Love Letters to the Dead

 Many of you who have also read Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower, find that Ava Dellaira's Love Letters to the Dead quite similiar. It's true that both of them are in the form of letters. In Chbosky's they are to an unknown person and in Dellaira's they are for famous dead people. Yeah, it sounds that they are copies of each other, but that's not true.


In Dellaira's book we follow the main character Laurel, at her first year in college. At her English class, they are given an assingment to write a letter for a dead person. Laurel starts it, but inevidently they turn to something more personal, something she doesn't want to share with her English teacher, but still feels that she needs to write more. So from one assingment grows a notebook full of letters to dead person like Kurt Cobain, Amelia Earhart, Amy Winhouse and many others. Laurel feels a great need to share what's going on in her life to somebody though the recievers are not even alive.

Laurel had a elder sister, May, who died few years earlier. Laurel feels responsible about May's death and through the book she blames herself, though no one is sure wether May's death was a suicide or an accident. Laurel goes through strong emotions and sometimes dissappears in her head, where she lives her memories again revealing the ghosts of the past.

Laurel meets Sky. A very cute boy at her college. Firts Laurel and Sky's journey together is a bit awkward and it feels forced, but then it grows towards something more natural. During the book their relationship feels too rushed, which leads to certain events in the book.

Emotions are visble in every part of the book. You can feel them as if they were your very own. Sometimes they get overbearing and sometimes you just have to close the book, put it down and breathe, because the events Laurel goes through would be very traumatic to any person, real or fictional.

Most parts of the book are things that happens, then also a big part of it is the throwbacks to Laurels past. But sometimes, mostly when something big is happening, we get the most beautiful sentences to quote after. If I wouldn't be so against underlining books, or if I had a e-Book of this one, I would have these colourful pages with the most beautiful words. Now I juts have to trust the good old Post-it notes and Goodreads.

This book definetly made my all-time favourite list!

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