8 Sep 2015

Review: Hopeless

I had high hopes for Hopeless and didn't have to be disappointed! I loved Hopeless from first letter, first word, first sentence, first paragraph, to the last.

Starting from the characters. We get to know a lot, but still get new information all the time. It feels like you know who the characters are, but in reality you only know a small part of them. And it's okay that you don't know them completely. It would be abnormal to know everything about some person you've juts met.
Six is present on the beginning but then she fades tot he background. Though she is a minor character and at first it doesn't feel like she has a significant role to the story, but after turning the last page, you just feel that without Six, the book wouldn't have had a beginning.
Karen, our vegan - no-technology - herb-mixing - mom. Karen was really confusing character from the start. I couldn't make up my mind if I liked her or not. She was written out really well, and then the revelation... But don't worry I won't spoil you! :)
Dean Holder, our other main character. From the start I actually thought that he is the stalker Sky thinks he is. But luckily he turns out to be something else, something sweet and caring. Holder is moody and has many sides to him, still in the end he is the one who keeps you together through the book.
Sky. Sky is the main character that feels. The one that let's herself drown in emotion, feel it all without any barriers. And that is the thing I love most about her. Some authors try to soften the effects of some emotional scenes, but Hoover has not muted it. She wrote it on full force. And that force will hit you, and hard.

The main reason for loving this book was the emotions. It was hard to read because of the emotions. Sometimes you just wanted to burst from happiness, sometimes the pain Sky felt, felt like my own. I might sound like a masochist, but it's the truth.

I loved the wrecked emotional roller coaster of  Hopeless.

Positive: truthfulness, emotions, characters
Negative: couldn't get anything to this

Recommend to Everybody out there!

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