18 Sep 2015

New books!

I got two new e-Books today from two different publishers.

The first one is Poison by Lan Chan. I started it the minute I got it (which is few hours ago, but school made me to take a break) and now I'm 28% through it! Can't wait to see what happens next, it is just so amazingly written and I almost forgot to go to school this morning, because I was enchanted by the book. :)

And the second one I got is The Grave of Lainey Grace by Aaron Galvin, which was sent to me from Aames & Abernathy publishing company. It's going to be published day over tomorrow, which is September 20th, and I plan on to read it before the publishing of it! So excited to start it tomorrow!

And they both have such beautiful covers! I'm definetly going to buy physical copies of both of them just because of the covers! :p

Today is a massive strike here in Finland, so no public transportation, food at school or anything else really useful things doesn't work. I have to walk to work since I can't take the bus... And also the fall wind-storms just began today and I think that the tree just outside my kitchen window is going to fall down any minute now.
But luckily these bad weathers gives us readers a wonderful excuse to curl on the sofa with tea and a good book!

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