29 Aug 2015

Review: Fangirl (and fangirling Fangirl)

First there were the shaking hands. Then the difficulty of breathing. Then denial. Then shock. Then the inability to write a review.

So here I am, forcing myself to think even a bit rationally, so I can get back to cleaning my room (which is Filthy).

Fangirl was...
Amazing, beautiful, purely genious, sweet, surprising, loving, emotional, fun, sad, honest.

Fangirl wasn't...
Boring, stupid, anything idiotic.

Fangirl could've been...
If it had been anything else than it was, I would have either not liked it or had died whilst reading it.

After turning the last page, my heartbeat was irregular, my breathing almost non-existent. I felt like I had died. I felt like the world had ended. I felt like this is it.

I can't describe Fangirl as well as it deserves to, but I will say that it is on the top 5 of my all-time favourites. No, I don't know in which order my all-time favourites are, but Fangirl definetly deserves a spot on it.

To Rainbow Rowell: You changed me. Your book made me understand myself better, you inspired me to write again. Thank you.

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