9 Aug 2015

Back at home

A lot has happened in these past few days and I'm so stressed out. But I finally have time to write new post in here!

So I spent my whole summer in my own apartment, which was really nice. Mostly because it was quiet and nobody interfered my reading, and I could read around the clock without anybody telling me to put lights out. So a reader's dream :)

Yesterday I had to pack my babies in boxes and take them back home, where I have no shelf-space at all. In my own apartment I had the window-sill, book/tv-shelf, kitchen table, basically every corner was filled with books. But at home I only have two shelves on the wall and space for about 20 books in my desk-shelf. I'm having trouble with unpacking my books, because I want all my books on display, but it's impossible, so now I'm feeling that I won't unpack them at all.

I'm hoping I'll get my own permanent apartment soon, so I can unpack my books... Okay, that is not the main reason, but it's one of them. Mostly I just want to get my own space and own home. My room's a mess right now with all my stuff packed in suitcases and other bags. I can't find anything here, though I know exactly where which book is! (Sad, I know)

I'm super excited that school starts in few days. It's Sunday now, so it's only two days of vacation left then it's a another full year of studying. Though I'm excited now, I think I won't be in couple ofmonths. Who knows? Last semester I actually liked to come to school everyday, despite the tiredness in the mornings.

My two Eeyores look dead, and the black stuff is only a part of my luggage...
Currently I'm sitting on my bed, and the sun is shining and everbody's happy and Unicorns fly and I'm drinking the best coffee ever.

NO. True I'm sitting on my bed and the sun is shining, but I'm not happy before I get my own apartment, and my coffee is cold and it tastes like poison. And don't talk about Unicorns. It only makes me think of a line from the Vampire Academy movie:

''Why can't you be like a normal teenage girl and dream of hot naked guys on Unicorns?''

I think I won't ever be able to think about Unicorns without hinking about that line... Thanks Hathaway!

I haven't even made my bed yet, so maybe I should stop writing and go back pretending my isn't a storage room. Maybe I'll unpack my stuff.

Or NOT. I'll just continue reading, maybe my stuff will unpack itself! :p

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