27 Jul 2015

I've been meaning to do this for a long time

I used to have a book blog, but when your 13 and an athelete, it wasn't my top prioroty in life, so it got forgotten. Now is a new start and hopefully a bit more succesful.

About me.
I'm 17, born 1998. A girl, student, book lover, reader, book buyer, coffee and tea addict, ex-athlete, movie-soundtrack-fan, sister, swim-school teacher, friend, emotional eater, baker.

I'm many things, but above all, I read. Reading has been always easy for me, I first read the Harry Potter series when I was 7, that time 95% of my friends couldn't read. I read almost anything; classics, young-adult, adult, children's, sci-fi, romance... Anything goes.

If you are not a reader, I don't hate, but you don't know what you miss. ;)

So welcome, I hope you stay with me!

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