27 Jul 2015

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My current reads are Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan and Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon.

Though I love Riordan's books, Mark of Athena is progressing slowly. I don't mean that the book is slow, because I've already read a bit over hundred pages and a great deal of thingsd has already happened. But because I read it in Finnish (yeah I'm from Finland) I find it difficult to read. I'm used to reading in English, so reading in Finnish id like reading in foreing language although Finnish is my mother tongue. Weird ha?
I love the character developmets th Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series. It amazes me to read, how Riordan has really grown Percy through the books. He started as a naïve 12-year-old and then suddenly he was 16, kick-ass warrior who saved the entire world. Happens to everyone in real life, right...
I actually started to read the Lightning Thief when I was 12, so he has been with me 5 years now.

Outlander, Outlander... what can I say. I've read 194 pages and there have been eventd to cover a full 5 book series, and the funny thing is: in my edition there is 850 pages, and it's just book one! Though the characters are pretty stuck in place, Gabaldon has been able to capture the most intresting things. Like the surroundings or someody's looks. And thinking about reading only adjectives might sound dull, but truth is: it isn't. Loved Outlander this far, although it's slow to read!

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